playing multi-sounds

Thierry th.douez at
Thu Jan 29 07:20:46 EST 2009

Le 28 janv. 09 à 05:14, Judy Perry a écrit :

> My guess is that the latency issue increases proportionately with  
> the age of
> the machine being deployed on and the number of simultaneous sound  
> files
> being played.  Would I guess correctly?

Well, I did install yesterday my stack on the kid's PC ( XP on a  
pentium 4 with 512k Ram )
and the latency is about 3-4 seconds !!!!!! at the beginning, and  
half a second then.

On my Macbook, it's not really noticeable,

On the big  PC of my beta tester, half a second.

So, that could valid your guess.

> In addition to game dev, little
> kiddie ware is big on multiple simultaneous sound files playing and  
> those
> are the people likely using low-end machines (I mean, who really  
> lets their
> 3 year old with the spilling sippy cup use their MacBookPro/Windows
> analog?).

the case here too :-)

I was thinking to be more responsive, to put all the little sounds in  
one mp3 file,
instead of a lot of little mp3 files....
and instead of changing the filename of the player,  play with the  
and manage a list of index to select any sounds ?
Before doing it,
did some of you tried this out and get benefits out of it ?

or experts, do you think I can go in this direction ?


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