Director-like multi-image "sprite" animation

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at
Wed Jan 28 15:01:43 EST 2009

"...the fastest animating method I found was opening up a separate empty
predefined "Player" stack window, and then rapidly copying the "Stage"  
to the Player window, deleting it, copying the next one, etc...."

A number of years ago I was working with MIDI files, trying to provide  
cross-platform methods that would work within a Rev application. I was  
delighted to discover that, using QT, I could **create** a MIDI file,  
load it into a QT player object, play the file, and delete the file  
within less than 1/2 second (on a 867 gHz G4, at the time).  This was  
used to provide quick aural feedback as to the pitch selected by the  
user.  While one can't really compare playing MIDI files with  
displaying animation, the efficiency of the method Ken describes above  
doesn't surprise me.


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