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Tue Jan 27 23:14:59 EST 2009

My guess is that the latency issue increases proportionately with the age of
the machine being deployed on and the number of simultaneous sound files
being played.  Would I guess correctly?  In addition to game dev, little
kiddie ware is big on multiple simultaneous sound files playing and those
are the people likely using low-end machines (I mean, who really lets their
3 year old with the spilling sippy cup use their MacBookPro/Windows
Remember I work in edu and write stuff for little kids in schools with crap
for hardware.  Come to think of it, I just spent 4 hours at my uni's
satellite campus, where we also have crap for hardware. And IT people who
don't know what a software license is, or what a "Vista-capable" machine
would look like.  Our wired network is snot-slow and the wifi is iffy at

I rent server space from Mark Schonewille for Moodle (because my
departmental sysadmin refuses to do Moodle server backups) and, with ~25
students in the lab all trying to access his server, not one of us could
actually get the entire page to correctly load.  It took Mark & I a couple
of hours to be able to verify that it was our network bottleneck that was
the problem.

Sorry -- not a great day.  Not the way to start off a new semester.


On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 4:06 PM, Richard Gaskin
<ambassador at>wrote:

> Judy Perry wrote:
> > On Tue, 27 Jan 2009, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> >> Given the limitations of the old Mac sound architecture,
> >> and the flexibility of player objects, what's the upside
> >> to HC's method?
> >
> > No Players?
> >
> > ;-)
> >
> > No latencies?
> True, the QT architecture is not known for its nimbleness. ;)
> But aside from emulating sequencers (rarely done these days with GarageBand
> and all the cool MIDI tools and real sequencers available), how often does
> the modest latency introduced by QT affect things noticeably?
> I'm just grateful I never need to spend another wetware clock cycle dealing
> with the differences between SND Type 1 and Type 2 resources. :)
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