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Sun Jan 25 05:33:48 EST 2009

--- René Micout <rmicout at> wrote:
> Hello Tom,
>   Slider with no value but with a little button ,
> cf. :
> AppleHIGuidelines/OSXHIGuidelines.pdf
> page 299 > small round thumb : 12 pixels and/or Mini
> round thumb : 10  
> pixels
> In Revolution there is only Regular size round thumb
> : 15 pixels !
> How can I do to have 12 or 10 pixels round thumb ?
> René from Paris

Hi René,

Revolution doesn't offer support for the various
MacOSX specific 'sizes' of controls. In Java you can
set user properties on JComponents, that the Aqua
lokAndFeel picks up when laying out and rendering your
window - but Rev doesn't offer such a mechanism.
Naturally, if you roll your own controls, you can make
them any size you like and they will look consistent
accross platforms.

Jan Schenkel.

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