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Thu Jan 22 20:29:32 EST 2009

On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 2:14 AM, Randall Lee Reetz <randall at randallreetz.com
> wrote:

> What I am still not able to understand, and this probably has more to do
> with the fact that I am more an interface and interaction designer than a
> deep systems-level programmer, is how to send xtalk events  to xtalk clients
> (projects, stacks, and standalones).  What is the intra-application
> communication protocol that would allow for the sending of xtalk messages to
> xtalk clients?

 Well as you've stated you are mainly interested in OSX you might look up
the MacOS and OSX only 'send to program' command in the Rev Dictionary.

If you'd like a demo of how it works, go to Rev Online, User Spaces 'lankc'
and download:

Standalone to Standalone Comms pt1
Standalone to Standalone Comms pt2

These were originally put together as a demo of how to mock multi-thread Rev
apps by splitting a single app into multiple processor intensive smaller
standalone apps and then calling each one via a Master app.

If your requirement is only to talk between apps occasionally, ie less than
once every couple of seconds, then it works. If your requirement is constant
communication between the apps then you'll find the speed way too slow.


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