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Hi Camm,

Would it be possible for you to post your answers to each of the  
questions in Jacque's list (e.g. have you actually booted in safe mode  
and are you sure you have write permissions)? If we all can see the  
answers, we might think of something else to try.

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On 22 jan 2009, at 18:56, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> camm29 at wrote:
>> Thomas ,
>> Thank you for your ideas , this is far more constructive than
>> "We can't duplicate your error"
> During the course of our many emails, here are the things I asked to  
> you to try:
> 1. Try building a standalone on a different machine
> 2. Change the convoluted scripting structures; remove unnecessary  
> references to "call"
> 3. Boot in safe mode and try it again
> 4. Check for duplicate stacks using Application Browser
> (Reply: SB adds duplicates during build, then errors and built stack  
> remains open with dialogs already installed.)
> 5. Check for a permissions issue, a full-disk issue, or any other  
> thing that would prevent the stack from being written to disk.
> 6. Re-download the RR distribution and try re-installing. (I  
> probably should have specifically mentioned, though, that you should  
> not add in any third-party plugins until after testing. I was  
> assuming a clean install.)
> 7. Try a work-around: leave those extra dialog stacks inside your
> mainstack, then *uncheck* the ask/answer dialogs in the SB. Make  
> sure you disallow scanning for inclusions in the SB, just tell it  
> what to include manually. The SB will build your standalone without  
> trying to add new copies, and your standalone should have the  
> dialogs that were previously added.
>> I did inform RUNREV about the error message " Answer Stack already  
>> in memory "
>> that has been a problem for other users.
>> They could at least explain the trigger for this REV error message.
> Until RR can reproduce the problem, they can't know what the trigger  
> actually is.
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