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Wed Jan 21 08:44:43 EST 2009


I and others her can appreciate your frustration. With Runrev you have  
the choice of 'opening' a support ticket for a price. If you have not  
done this then you have not experienced Runrevs support. If you opened  
up a bug you are helping the software engineers fix the overall  
problem but you have not actually asked for support from them with a  
bug. The experience I have had with a ticketed support issue has been  
better than ANY company I have ever dealt with.

But, like I said, I can appreciate your frustration with what appears  
to be a buggy issue. The problem is that not everyone is experiencing  
this bug that you are seeing. If this is a show stopper issue for you  
than I recommend you open a ticket with Runrev.

For most issues this list is the only thing needed to 'fix' the  
problem by finding a work around for an issue. For some issues however  
a support ticket will be needed.

With that said, do you have a copy of the standalone you are trying to  
build that you can share with me or others? I will be happy to test  
this out. I am sure others will also be happy to test this for you.

Let me know,

Tom McGrath III
Lazy River Software
3mcgrath at

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On Jan 21, 2009, at 8:20 AM, camm29 at wrote:

> These lists are great and many issues are solved by all  
> involved.Thank you.
> No complaints !
> My question is , what should we expect from RUNREV SUPPORT , you  
> know those
> guys who charge us for the Software !
> My experience since using Rev is lack of real support compared with  
> other Software suppliers.
> I have raised bugs and tickets etc..
> For 3 years myself and others wanted to use Serial Com ports > 9.
> Finally in Rev 3.0 this was corrected - a simple fix.
> Now I can't use Rev 3.0 due to a Answer Stack / Standalone Password  
> issue.
> There are bug reports and support request tickets with RUNREV , but  
> nearly all the
> help is coming from the list community.
> It may end up not a RUNREV Software issue , but all worked fine  
> before Rev 3.0.
> So who's looking into it ? what has changed in Rev 3.0 ? what does  
> the error message really mean (they wrote it) ?
> These are questions RUNREV should be working on or don't they  
> believe it happens ?
> I took some time to look at the BUG lists for RUNREV and that of  
> other software
> houses.
> Looking at dates and reports not actioned or addressed RUNREV was the
> worst by a long way.
> Have we become too soft !?
> Regards
> Camm
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