La communaut é Revolution est en deuil

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Tue Jan 20 18:09:13 EST 2009

I have been thinking about Eric¹s passing and all the wonderful messages
flowing from around the world.  His contributions, of course, go beyond just
polished and professional advice and products.  He was and is an

His efforts were a constant demonstration of professionalism.  This is not a
casual comment by me, but an important aspect of our community.  Because
xTalk languages are easy to learn and not highly known in programming
circles, we can easily feel as though we are working with an amateur
development platform.  Everything about Eric showed me that true
professionals use and advance the cause of Revolution.

So many of you on this list do the same.  There is a strong fabric of
contributors that deserve to be in the same category as Eric.

I can still remember the impact three and half years ago when Eric emailed
me for permission to use some of my code in one of his projects.  I had
posted the code to the list for all to use, but Eric took the step to ask.
Of course I said yes, and then two days later he sent his much improved
version.  Yes, I was strongly affected.

This is the effect many of you have on others in our community, and I think
this is one of the clear reasons Eric was so active here.  I doubt that Eric
would have spent so much time if he did not truly respect the citizens here.
His regard is a reflection on how the leaders of the Rev community deserve
such praise.  Now that he has passed over, he will not have the chance to be
embarrassed to hear my praise, and send emails to me saying ³No.. Stop..²

Immeasurable thanks to those who posted pictures.  Happily, I feel more
closely connected to Eric.

My condolences go out to Eric¹s family and friends, and I can only imagine
their loss. 

Jim Ault

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