Jiro Harada jiro at ronri-kobo.com
Sun Jan 18 20:42:37 EST 2009


> In rev, are externals written to a reference VM so that they are  
> only written once and can run on any platform?  Or, do they have to  
> be written separately to each platform? Can java programs be called  
> as externals?
> Randall

I have written an external to launch a JVM and call the Java methods  
on Windows and Mac OS. By the external the Java methods can be called  
as external commands or functions of Rev on both platforms. The  
external also enables the Java programs to send messages to Rev's  

The demo is downloadable at the following URL:

The demo is created by Runrev 3.0. In the demo, Derby(relational  
database in written Java), HttpClient(http components written Java),  
Red5(Flash server written in Java) and Sphinx-4(speech recognizer  
written in Java) are used.

Jiro Harada

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