What is Revdb_commit() for anyway?

Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Tue Jan 13 11:53:35 EST 2009

Ohhh, so let me see if I get it. I issue a series of update  
statements, but the data is not actually in the database yet so  
another user querying the database for those records would see what  
the data "used to be" until I issue a a revdb_commit()?

I can use that to my advantage I suppose.

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On Jan 12, 2009, at 2:07 PM, Jan Schenkel wrote:

> --- Bob Sneidar <bobs at twft.com> wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> I have always been a bit confused at this. So far as
>> I can tell, I
>> cannot get data back INTO a cursor, I can only read
>> data FROM the
>> cursor. In order to write data back to the database,
>> I have to execute
>> an SQL query. So what is Revdb_commit() for? Commit
>> what? I just wrote
>> the data directly to the SQL database in a query
>> didn't I?
>> Or am I mistaken about the ability to write data
>> back to a cursor?
>> Bob Sneidar
> The revdb_commit function isn't meant for committing
> changes to cursors - revdb cursors are by default
> read-only; though I think if used with Valentina
> Server and the VXCMD you can have read-write cursors,
> but I digress.
> It is meant for committing transactions. Depending on
> the database, all the INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE
> statements are each seen as a separate transaction, or
> will be considered one giant transaction until you
> effectively call revdb_commit or revdb_rollback.
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