Sliding Divider-Resizer Object

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Thu Jan 8 10:43:43 EST 2009

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to learn more about scripting interface objects and I was  
wondering whether anyone has a script for one of those sliding divider- 
resizing things like the one in Apple's Mail app that lets you  
increase the size of the message list on top while decreasing the size  
of the active message below.  I started dabbling with it, and created  
a long, skinny button to be used as the divider.  The first bit of my  
script was to change the cursor, but embarrassingly, I ran into a wall  
because the following does nothing except cause the default cursor to  
flicker rapidly.

on mouseEnter
	set the cursor to hand
end mouseEnter

The mouseWithin handler did nothing either.

Any hints would be most appreciated.


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