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Mon Jan 5 16:54:39 EST 2009

Hi Bill,
The revMail command doesn't support BCC, as far as the documentation is
concerned. Unless there's a hidden option for this :(
Have you tried using the revGoURL 'mailto:' command to send email? It
launches the default email system, just as revMail does.
But using revGoURL 'mailto:' allows a lot more 'parameters', because it's
HTML syntax.

Here's a RunRev script that you can try using revGoURL:

--start of script -- look for line wraps in the script
on mouseUp
   --format the url
   --the subject value should not contain spaces. Therefore you will need to
replace spaces in the subject value with "%20".
"mailto:shoreagent at at at
is a test" into tURL
   --launch default email system
   --caveat emptor: the following command has been deprecated in v2.90, but
works none the less.
   revGoURL tURL
end mouseUp
--end of script --

Do a Google search with 'mailto:' and you'll find a lot hits on the syntax
for it, as well as the BCC.
Here's one I've used:

Mark Stuart

> How do you send BCC with revEmail?
> In the dictionary I see:
> revMail address[,ccAddress[,mailSubject[,messageBody]]]
> with no mention of bccAddress
> Thanks
> Bill
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