set the text of line 4 of field id 123?

David Bovill david.bovill at
Fri Jan 2 09:56:04 EST 2009

OK - filed as an enhancement request.  Vote for it
here<>- if you
feel the same!

I guess I could use set the htmltext of line 1 of field even if using plain
text - but I think it is just plain counter intuitive as it is - good to see
the docs are explicit though :)

2009/1/2 Bill Marriott <wjm at>

> David,
> Because "the text of" is a property of a field (button, image), not a
> line/chunk thereof. The HTMLText syntax specifically allows for chunks;
> Text
> does not. From the docs:
> set the HTMLText of [chunk of] field to htmlString
> set the text of {button | field | image} to string
> It would appear you have a nice enhancement request for "the text of"
> property, but it's probably that way because HTMLText will always be text
> data, whereas the text of something could be binary.

Bill - you don't know where to download beta's do you? I'd like to install
dp1 due to the value() bug in dp2 - and while I'm at it maybe check what
happened to my enterprise mailing list subscription?

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