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> I'm a wee bit confused about this part. Why would you want an
> openStack handler in a backscript that puts the stack script into the
> back?

I want the utility stack to insinuate itself into the message heirarchy 
whenever I open it. In HC, I place it in use on openstack, so it receives messages 
from all stacks. In Rev, I see there are more options, and I have not learned 
enough to know which might be best, or whether one of several might do.

But my issue here is simple, clean message passing in the way I always (HC) 
understood it. I want a stack that receives all messages from all stacks. 
Fortunately, I have it; my stack works fine. I just cannot have the msg box open at 
the same time.

 I am not experienced enough to find how this might be best implemented in 
Rev, (Stackinuse, backscripts, etc.) I just want what I consider basic 
functionality, and I want to feel that my HC expertise is valid here, at least in 
principle. I think I have found a bug. I am surprised, actually, that others are 
not more alarmed.

Craig Newman

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