Vector window shapes and the great mystery of ink effects

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Feb 26 20:35:30 EST 2009

Scott Rossi wrote:

> OK, I woke up this morning with an epiphany: inks and groups and all that
> funky stuff are unnecessary.  It should be possible to dynamically create a
> mask using a simple scaling graphic object and an image for the mask data.
> So, while it's not a true solution, the above does allow for a resizable
> transparent stack with rounded corners.  Execute the following in your
> message box:
>   go url ""

Nicely done, and very cool for a great many uses.

I'm looking for something smoothly dynamic, so I went ahead and 
submitted a request:

   Ability to use vector graphics for dynamic window shapes

While I was at it I submitted a related request to be able to modify the 
appearance of slider controls:

   Ability to set color/pattern elements for sliders

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