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Thu Feb 26 11:54:36 EST 2009

I have a stack "A" of two cards, two fields on each. No code anywhere.

I have another stack "B" with an "opencard" handler in the stack script , 
containing one line: "doThis". A handler "doThis" right below it has nothing in 
it. On openstack, Stack "B" is put in use.

If I open stack "A" and move between the two cards, any text there is stable. 
If I then open stack "B", any navigation between cards in stack "A" is still 
stable. If I then open the msg box, any navigation between cards in stack "A" 
puts the text "/REVEXCLUDE02" in the first field of each card. The first field 
only. Also, the stack changes size somewhat as each card is displayed. I can 
reproduce this perfectly.

I made a new stack with a similar empty "opencard" handler in it. Same 
problem with stack "A", or in fact any stack at all. It is the opening of the msg 
box that causes that wierd text to appear. 

 I am on a fairly old PPC machine, OS 10.4.11. I am about to give up: I 
cannot work at all if i can't trap messages between stacks.

Craig Newman

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