Vector window shapes and the great mystery of ink effects

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 25 21:13:52 EST 2009

So I'm looking at OS X's increasingly popular transparent panels as 
described in:

And I'm thinking, man, I would love to have rounded corners on resizable 

Then it hits me:  could there be some way to layer graphics with 
different blendLevels and different ink effects so that I could define 
the visible window region with one graphic and have everything outside 
of it transparent with another graphic?

So I started to play with various combinations, and the multiplicity of 
possible options made my head explode.

Anyone know a way to do this?
Am I dreaming?

Sure, I know the corners would still not pass clicks through, but I'm 
okay with those few pixels if I could at least get the look right.

Even more interesting, if such a magic combo could be found we could 
effectively punch visual holes in our windows, making resizable frames 
around anything underneath.

Should I just make a request to use graphics as window shapes and move on?

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