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Wed Feb 25 15:26:35 EST 2009

I am learning rev by rewriting my HC development tools.

My tools stack s in use, its stack script sent "back". It traps messages as I 
navigate around other stacks, or within a stack, and gathers object info on 
whatever card comes to the front. So "opencard", "resumeStack" and the like are 
trapped in my tool stack.

I am getting the "resumeStack" message sent to my tools stack when I close an 
already open stack. Why? Also, when I save a stack, all those little dialogs 
all seem to send "resumeStack" as well. If everything in rev is a stack, well, 
then I understand that part, but not the other.

 In HC, if I simply bring one or another stack window to the front, I get 
"suspendStack" and "resumeStack" only, which I understand. In learning to drive 
Rev, I need to believe I understand the IDE. Writing scripts and solving 
programming issues is not my problem. I still just cannot get around easily at all.

Thanks to anyone...

Craig Newman

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