Paradigma Ships Valentina 4, Reports, Client for iPhone

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Wed Feb 25 10:14:36 EST 2009

Paradigma Ships Valentina 4, Reports, Client for iPhone

Paradigma Software ( announces the release of
ultra fast Valentina DB technology release 4 and the addition of several new
products to the Valentina DB product line, including advanced reporting
capabilities and new connectivity with the Apple iPhone.

Valentina DB 4 provides over a year of development improvements to all
Valentina based database products. Some features shared by all Valentina DB
products include:

    * SQL to XML. Generate XML data from an SQL query from any Valentina DB
    * SET/GET Properties in SQL. Use SQL to set and get properties of
database objects using Stored Procedures
    * ISP Host Features. CREATE/DROP/GRANT/REVOKE User rights
    * Projects. Valentina DB 4 introduces a new project file format for
storing databases, reports

Valentina DB also incorporates hundreds of user requested improvements and
fixes to improve overall robustness on all three operating systems: Windows,
Linux and Mac OS X. Valentina 4 is the result of over one year of
Valentina Reports

A major addition to the Valentina DB product line is Valentina Reports and
Valentina Reporting Services. Valentina Reports is a powerful, report
creation and generation engine that drops right into the Valentina DB
kernel. Because it interfaces directly with the Valentina DB kernel, it is
possible to dynamically generate reports from any Valentina DB ADK or from
any Valentina Server product. Reports features include:

    * Broad Compatibility. Generate reports for every major development
environment, from Apple Cocoa framework applications to .net to C++
applications built on Linux to Adobe Director. Over 18+ platforms supported.
    * XML Enriched PDF Generation. Automatically generate business ready,
formatted  PDF reports with embedded XML, automatically assigned passwords
and permissions.
    * Generate Reports from SQL. Valentina SQL can return a report right
into a BLOB field of a cursor. This opens access to reports for such
standard APIs as ODBC.
    * Charts and Graphs. Build applications that produce rich charts and
graphs from numeric, financial, statistical and business data from your
Valentina database.
    * Sub Reports. Combine multiple sub-reports into a single main report
presentation; generate reports from multiple sources and display them side
by side.
    * Web and Graphic Exports. Make your reports immediately useful to your
users by exporting in a variety of presentation formats: HTML, JPG, PNG,
LaTeX, text and more.
    * Barcodes. 36 industry standard barcodes, such as ISBN, EAN,
Pharmacode, POSTNET and more and from within your Valentina DB enabled

Valentina Reports is an optional add-on for Valentina ADK and Valentina
Developer Network products. Unlimited Report deployment is available for as
little as $200.

Valentina Client for iPhone
A new feature added to Valentina Developer Network Professional Edition
($999) is a Valentina DB client for iPhone. This royalty free client library
can be incorporated into iPhone applications and allow connectivity to
Valentina Office Server or Valentina Embedded Server for building powerful
client-server solutions for the Apple iPhone.

Valentina Studio Pro
Valentina Studio Pro is an advancement on the general purpose database
creation and management tool, Valentina Studio Administrator (Mac OS X and
Windows). Valentina Studio Pro, currently in open beta, introduces an
advanced, polished interface and report design capabilities that can be used
within Valentina Studio Pro, Valentina Office Server or saved for use with
Valentina Reports.  Users can register to get free serial numbers for
Valentina Studio Pro on the Paradigma Software website.

Valentina Office Server
Valentina Office Server is the powerful, business ready database server on
Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Valentina Office Server 4 adds the new
Valentina Reporting Services feature set, making it possible to create
advanced server-side applications that can automatically create business
ready reports. Valentina Reporting Services for Valentina Office Server does
not increase the price of Valentina Office Server. Valentina Office Server
includes a copy of Valentina Studio Administrator for performing database
maintenance tasks. Valentina Office Server is available for $299.99 new or
$179.99 and includes 12 months of free updates.

Valentina Developer Network
Valentina Developer Network lets developers build royalty free local,
client-server and server solutions based on Valentina Embedded Server. VDN
customers have more options for selecting which platforms they can deploy
and can now add optional Valentina Reports to either local applications or
as a part of Valentina Embedded Server. Valentina Developer Network Platform
Edition includes any combination of any three Valentina ADK platforms, and
is available for as low as $359.40 as an upgrade from Valentina ADK; $599

About Paradigma Software

Paradigma Software launched its first product, the post-relational, columnar
database technology Valentina, based on the groundbreaking work of Ruslan
Zasukhin in advanced database research. Valentina maximizes available
resources by making data based tasks extremely fast and efficient - even on
industry standard Linux running on older hardware.

Paradigma Software Incorporated was established in 1998 as an Oregon, USA
based corporation. Paradigma Software has additional offices for development
and sales in Germany and Japan.  

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