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stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Tue Feb 24 13:10:14 EST 2009

Still just see the zooming from the os then .... nothing  ... Leopard .6 G5
Stephen Barncard
San Francisco

2009/2/24 Peter Brigham MD <pmbrig at>

> OK, I manually replaced the three .rev stacks inside the package. Try
> downloading it again:
> and let me know if this version opens for you.
> On Tue, 24 Feb 2009 09:22:46, Terry Judd <tsj at> wrote:
>  I am puzzled by the standalone not starting up on a couple Macs. For
>>> Bernard it's on a PPC using 10.4.11, and for Pierre is on a Pro Core
>>> Duo using 10.5.6. Don't know what happening, but something goes awry
>>> in the standalone build process. I have had a couple of other
>>> standalones I built and shared with friends fail to open as well, with
>>> no apparent pattern. Shouldn't the standalone builder handle
>>> everything for whatever system/architecture/platform? I don't know the
>>> first thing about how to solve this. Any ideas, anyone, on what could
>>> be going wrong here?
>> If you try opening the rev stacks inside the package Rev reports that they
>> are corrupted. Perhaps you could manually replace those stacks.
>> Terry...
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