Changing the screenRect within a stack

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Mon Feb 23 17:15:22 EST 2009

Philosophical screen wars aside, though I'm more on Mark's side that for
advocating the application changing the settings, as long as it's a
refusable option though, that's OK.
Here's a post with some links to command line tools - I've not checked any
out though, so can't advise if any is better than any other, or whether
they'll do the job well enough. 

Brian Yennie wrote:
> Francis,
> Philosophical screen wars aside, here is a link that might get you  
> started on MacOS. I think the short answer is that there is no easy  
> way to do this in Rev or AppleScript, so you need to resort to a  
> command-line utility. You can of course call it directly from Rev  
> using shell() -- no need to get AppleScript involved.
>> Hi from Paris,
>> Thanks to all for your philosophical suggestions
>> (but no practical solutions). And I was right ! Rev
>> doesn't appear have the means to do all this !
>> I had (of course), thought about the raping of the
>> users computer, but I already have programs that do
>> this, but as long as they return to normal behaviour
>> afterwards, I don't worry about a program which
>> changes my screenrect. My monitors can handle more than
>> 10 screenrects, and I change whenever I need to do so !
>> I had thought of ALL of the mechanisms which could help
>> me (scrolling bars, reduction of all fields and buttons,
>> depending on the available screenRect, but quite honestly,
>> I don't have 6 months to dynamically modify windows, fields
>> buttons, textsizes, etc, etc.for a stack that took me a day
>> to write. And I think it ridiculous to write a stack which
>> will run on any monitor when 17" and 19" are the common use,
>> and screenRect was designed JUST FOR THAT PURPOSE !
>> I just want to change the screenRect, based upon what sizes
>> are available in the host computers. And I will !
>> Of course, I will ask the user if he agrees ......
>> He can always say no....... !
>> So I reckon, I will have to find out how to do it myself.
>> -Francis
>> "nothing should ever be done for the first time !"
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