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Andre Garzia andre at
Mon Feb 23 14:09:22 EST 2009


thanks for the software. Just to let you know, it actually runs fine
on Linux under WINE. I downloaded the windows versions, launched it
and it worked surprisingly well under WINE, I never thought WINE had
hit such maturity.

Check your main screen here:

And text viewing here:

I guess you're using RevBrowser for the Project Gutenberg website
display, I was amazed to see RevBrowser working under linux thru

Interesting times indeed. For those that doesn't know WINE is a
compatibility layer that allows linux to run unmodified windows
software, WINE is not an emulator, it translates win32 calls into
something linux like.


On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 2:41 PM, Peter Brigham MD <pmbrig at> wrote:
> I've uploaded a stack to my userspace at RevOnline (user name pmbrig) called
> The Gutenberg Reader. Bug reports, comments, and feedback are appreciated.
> From the help text:
> "The Gutenberg Reader is literally an entire library of over 30,000 volumes,
> right on your desktop. Well, almost literally. The Reader is designed to
> import and display etexts generated by Project Gutenberg™. These are free
> public domain texts available online — the Gutenberg catalog has over 30,000
> books (and growing), and with their partners and affiliates makes over
> 100,000 titles available to anyone with internet access. Any of the
> Gutenberg texts are accessible within a couple minutes from within the
> Reader.
> "The Gutenberg pages are actually designed to be viewed with any web
> browser, without any additional application or software required, and you
> don't really have to use the Reader to access them. However, the Reader
> downloads a Gutenberg text and replaces simple quotes with curly quotation
> marks, double dashes with m-dashes, gets rid of the end-of-line characters
> within paragraphs, and presents the text in a book-like layout, using the
> fontface of your choice. You can navigate easily through the book with
> mouseclicks or using the arrowkeys, set a bookmark, and make notes on any
> passage. The result is a completely different reading experience from what
> you are probably used to on a computer screen."
> The Reader is also available in a standalone application at
> Many thanks to all on this list who have helped me (mostly unknowingly) over
> the years I have been (mostly) lurking in the background. I have picked up
> countless tips on the vicissitudes of Rev without which I'd have been lost.
> Some of us benefit quietly from all the amazing information shared here, and
> we may not always speak up about it.
> a grateful amateur,
> Peter M. Brigham
> pmbrig at
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