strange error in a repeat loop

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Mon Feb 23 09:51:50 EST 2009

Is it possible that item 9 in one of the lines of 
fld "chRécapDuMois" is not a valid number? An 
invisible char sneaked in?

This loop seems curious

     REPEAT FOR each item meti in tLesVars
         put empty into meti
     END repeat

I think you mean

     REPEAT FOR each item meti in tLesVars
         do "put empty into" && meti
     END repeat

You might want to rewrite this keeping your 
subtotals as elements of an array. This will make 
your code simpler. For example, the above repeat 
will be replace with

     put empty into tLesVars

and the summation can be replaced with a repeat

    repeat with i=5 to 12
       add item i of enil to tLesVars["total"&i]
    end repeat


On 23.02.09 at 15:27 +0100 Andre.Bisseret apparently wrote:
>I am completely stuck with a silly error I keep getting in a simple handler.
>Here it is :
>ON totaliser
>     local 
>     ---------------------
>     put 
>into tLesVars
>     REPEAT FOR each item meti in tLesVars
>         put empty into meti
>     END repeat
>     put fld "chRécapDuMois" into cmdeDuMois -- 
>field "chRécapDuMois" is a list with items 
>separated by tab
>     -- SUM OF  COLUMNS
>     set the itemdel to tab
>     REPEAT FOR each line enil in cmdeDuMois
>         add item 5 of enil to total5
>         add item 6 of enil to total6
>         add item 7 of enil to total7
>         add item 8 of enil to total8
>         add item 9 of enil to total9 --  THE ERROR IS POINTED OUT HERE
>         add item 10 of enil to totalPort
>         add item 11 of enil to totalGéné
>         add item 12 of enil to totalAnnul
>     END repeat
>     put total5 & tab & total6 & tab & total7 & tab & total8 & tab & total9\
>             & tab & totalPort & tab & totalGéné 
>& tab & totalAnnul into fld "chTotaux"
>end totaliser
>For an hour now (at least) I got an error :
>Error 10:	add: error in source expression
>Hint :	repeat: error in statement
>Error at	char 1 of line 246 in handler totaliser
>Code:	1
>this error is pointed out at  line "add item 9 of enil to total9"
>If I suppress (comment) this only line the 
>handler works well (except I don't get the total 
>for column 9 !! ;-((
>I wrote a lot of times such an handler ; first 
>time I am stuck like this ! I don't understand 
>at all and have no idea.
>Hoping some of you will see something (could be evident) I am missing ?
>Thanks a lot in advance for any idea
>Best regards from Grenoble

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