Changing the screenRect within a stack

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Sun Feb 22 18:52:01 EST 2009

Hi Francis,

Accustomed as I am to running a variety of applications pretty much at  
the same time and interchangeably, I feel you should stick with your  
first approach. Let the user determine what to do. Just make some  
suggestions, advising the user in advance of the various repercussions  
that might occur with different screen resolutions; OR, optionally, if  
the user's screen size is going to be too small, design your  
application accordingly - even providing horizontal and vertical  
scroll bars; or, as PDFs do, perhaps the ability to zoom or move  
around using the hand tool.

You may be worrying too much, since many of us DO have a lot of real  
estate these days. Just announce the preferred screen size for best  
performance in advance as part of the system requirements and let the  
user worry about it. Surprise is the worst thing.

Just some of my thoughts on a late Sunday afternoon.

Joe Wilkins

On Feb 22, 2009, at 3:14 PM, Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:

> Hi from Paris,
> I have a stack which has a specific window rect
> (don't we all ?).
> I want to run the stack on any Mac or PC computer,
> but I don't know the current screenRect setting for
> my possible target computers, and my stack window
> is large enough to provide display problems on other
> computers.
> Inside preOpenStack using the "get the screenRect"
> command, I can judge if the screenRect currently
> used on the computer will harbour my stack window.
> If the screenRect is not satisfactory, I can request
> that the user sets the screenRect using "System
> Preferences" on a Mac, or "Control Panel" on a PC,
> and then quit my stack. The user can modify the
> screenRect and relaunch my stack, but this is a PAIN !
> What I REALLY want to do is to know ALL the possible
> screenrects for the target computer, change the screenRect
> dynamically for the duration of the stack run (choosing
> the next highest screenRect in the list which wil accomodate
> my window), and reset it back to the original value at the
> termination of the stack.
> Rev commands can't take me there, but I maybe I can do this
> by executing AppleScripts (or the equivalent on a PC)
> Anybody solved this problem ? Help gratefully received ...
> -Francis
> "Nothing should ever be done for the first time !"

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