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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Feb 21 13:44:07 EST 2009

Judy Perry wrote:
 > I find it disconcerting to
> click the "compile" button in the editor, have it find no problems, close
> the editor, test the button, have the compile fail anyway, see an open
> script editor window with the offending line hilited... and am ready to go
> to comment it out or change it, only I have to go click some button before I
> can do that.
> Do most people really like this?

It's a trade-off, and I don't mind it. The editor needs to prevent 
changes to the script in order to display the variable values correctly 
at the point of error, and most of the time people do want to go 
directly to debug mode to see what's wrong. I suspect the older method 
of having to click "OK" or "Debug" was as annoying to some as the 
current behavior is to others.

Command-Y will take you out of debug mode, and that's what I usually use 
if I don't want to debug.

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