[ANN] chartsEngine - now on revSelect

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Fri Feb 20 13:34:52 EST 2009

Malte Brill wrote:
> Richard wrote:
>  > Is the call to revLoadedStacks truly necessary?
> No, but convenient. revLoadedStacks will report the stack as available, 
> also when it is closed, but in memory while the openStacks would not. 
> What I was trying to do there (not thinking about the Metacard guys and 
> gals I must admit), was:
> look if chartsEngine is in use -> all well, demo will work
> look if chartsEngine is open, but not in use -> start using it, demo 
> will work
> look if it is in memory, but not open, nor in use -> start using it, 
> demo will work
> look if it is not in memory at all -> prompt user to locate the folder 
> it lives in, load it, start using

I think you can do this pretty easily with just regular code, since all 
you want to know is if the stack is in RAM. Putting a stack in use more 
than once won't hurt anything, so you don't need to worry about that. 
Therefore, the only thing you need to check is if "there is a stack 
<short stack name>". Don't use a file path for the check because that 
will always return true if the file exists, but asking if there's a 
stack by its short name will only search the memory space.

So if I've understood it right, this should work:

   if there is a stack <myStack> then start using stack "mystack"
   else <prompt user to find it>

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