[ANN] chartsEngine - now on revSelect

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Fri Feb 20 12:51:46 EST 2009

Richard wrote:

 > Is the call to revLoadedStacks truly necessary?

No, but convenient. revLoadedStacks will report the stack as  
available, also when it is closed, but in memory while the openStacks  
would not. What I was trying to do there (not thinking about the  
Metacard guys and gals I must admit), was:

look if chartsEngine is in use -> all well, demo will work
look if chartsEngine is open, but not in use -> start using it, demo  
will work
look if it is in memory, but not open, nor in use -> start using it,  
demo will work
look if it is not in memory at all -> prompt user to locate the folder  
it lives in, load it, start using

revLoadedStacks is handy here and has been around since quite a while.  
I use it quite often in standalones too. For the next version I will  
do what Klaus suggested though and check revAppVersion(), unless there  
are IDEs around that do not support that call???  However, the  
chartsenginelibrary itself does not rely on any calls to the  
revLibraries I am aware of. For now, I´ll have to ask the Metacard  
users to update me with any problems they see arise with both lib and  
demo, so I can get that fixed for 1.1. Maybe I should contact the  
great poobah (That´s Klaus at the moment, right?) for any further  
advise. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Richard.

All the best,


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