AW: Any chance to identify if the title of a stack is corrupted byQT?

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Feb 18 13:00:12 EST 2009

Hi Tiemo,

> Hi Joe,
> hmmm, I've thought about that, but I still think it is a known bug  
> in the
> QCC and there are many others encountering the same phenomenon.

Check this:

> I tried a little test, created a test button with just one line "set  
> the
> title of this stack to "foo". Once the title is corrupted I even can't
> regenerate it with this one-liner. The only thing what happens, is  
> that the
> hieroglyphs disappear and there is only the first char (f) of "foo"  
> in the
> title. So I think, even if I would mess up the memory of the title,  
> I should
> be able to regenerate it with this statement, but it doesn't works.  
> Or don't
> you think so?

You can't workaound this, but sure you can waste you time trying :-D

> Thanks for your two cents
> Tiemo
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>> byQT?
>> Hi Tiemo,
>> I had this sort of problem many years ago using other development
>> systems. In every case it was an indication of a more ominous   
>> problem
>> with my coding; usually, as I recall, a memory problem wherein
>> something I was doing was overwriting the titlebar data.
>> Consequently, I would not suggest that you do as you are indicating
>> you might do: just providing an empty name for the titlebar. Instead,
>> you must continue to debug your coding to locate your "true" problem,
>> the "disease" and not the "symptom. Sorry I can't be more help.
>> Joe Wilkins



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