[ANN]: "Word Match" (language tool + dynamic labels on icon images)

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Wed Feb 18 08:23:07 EST 2009

I had written:
> Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at cox.net wrote (Tue Feb 17, 2009):
>> Hi Wilhelm,
>> In the stack Spanish to English, it appears that the lists you're  
>> using are out of sync by one. Maybe something I did, but I don't 
>> think  so.
>> Otherwise, great job.
>> Joe Wilkins
> Hi Joe,
> Did you change anything in the hidden Spanish field? It is crucial 
> that commas, slashes, and CRs are at their correct places - and that 
> there is no extra CR at the bottom of the field (creating a blank line).
> I see nothing here that would be out of sync.
> Maybe you should download the stack again. In any case, let me know 
> when anything is not working properly.


It came to my mind that one of the peculiarities of the Rev IDE could 
cause a minor problem when the stack is being opened (I usually use the 
Metacard IDE for about 90% of my development):

If you first press button "Repeat" after the stack was opened - which 
should enable you to "repeat" the exercise with the same word pairs 
chosen before - then the global variable "gSelection" that stores the 
temporary word pairs will be empty, because the Rev IDE starts with a 
default setting to the "pointer tool". Therefore "send mouseup" to 
initialise variable gSelection in the openstack handler (contained in 
the script of the card) will not be sent.

The remedy for this is simple: I put "choose browse tool" directly 
before the "send mouseup" line in the openstack handler, and now the 
"repeat" button works even in the Rev IDE immediately after opening the 

I have placed the stack with the added scriptline at the same URL as before.



Wilhelm Sanke

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