Music duration

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at
Tue Feb 17 20:03:57 EST 2009

You need first of all to understand what you are seeing in the Hex  
Editor.  All of the MIDI data (including the data that is not  
printable in ascii text) is represented in Hexadecimal notation.  It  
would be a good idea to practice a some conversions from Decimal to  
Hexadecimal (and the reverse); you'll get used to reading base-16.


--- On Tue, 2/17/09, René Micout <[]> wrote:

 > ...I have many questions > ?
 > The most important are lines 22, 30, 38 46 about note data,
 > by example line 22 :
 > 903C648400803C0000
 > I think 03C is the pitch (!?) and 64844008 is the duration
 > (!?)...

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