Good looking examples of applications built with Revolution

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Tue Feb 17 08:12:52 EST 2009

I know that this must be an FAQ, but I've not been able to find that handy 
list I'm looking for.

It's that time again: considering what development approach to take on a new 
project, which requires a cross-platform well connected desktop app with a 
slick UI, for a wide consumer audience.

The arguments about development efficiency of Rev are well understood; there's 
no doubt that Rev can do all the tasks that will be needed; the question mark 
over Rev, as compared to the other two routes being considered, is evidence of 
good looking, slick, user interfaces.  (A shocking indictment of my own work, 
of course, but then my work has always concentrated on functionality.)

So, here's that question again: I'm looking for examples of actual 
applications (not just sample stacks, tool stacks etc), built in Rev, that can 
be pointed to as demonstrating that people have used Rev to distribute 
products with an impressive modern user interface.  I'm sure that they're out 
there - I just don't know where.

Please send examples, links, or lists - whether your own work or others - 
either to me directly or to the list as you prefer.

Many thanks,

- Ben

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