[OT] Rev + BBEdit

Robert Brenstein rjb at robelko.com
Mon Feb 16 22:47:31 EST 2009

On 17.02.09 at 11:12 +0800 Kay C Lan apparently wrote:
>Robert Brenstein wants,
>powerful Search/Replace which optionally uses GREP
>with optional Find All search mode
>You know, in the Rev's Edit menu, at the bottom is Find and Replace (cmd-F).
>You have multiple options to include or exclude what and where you search.
>There is also a button that specifies that you've used GREP in your search
>To paraphrase Richard, What would you like to see in Find and Replace that's
>not in the one available?

Regex is indeed a built-in option for global search and that search 
finds all objects that contain the search string. However, I was 
referring to searching within a single script, a script I am editing. 
Right now, one can search in the editor by hoping from instance to 
instance of the string. What I had in mind was seeing all lines with 
a given string at once. There is not grep option for the search or 
replace within the editor, either. At least not that I see that in 


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