Arrays and Custom Props

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Monday, February 16, 2009, 10:28:57 AM, you wrote:

> BTW I tested the theory that an app cannot be modified while running.
> This is not true. I opened TextEdit and while it was running I opened
> the package contents and edited a plist file using PlistEditPro. I  
> changed one of the values and saved the plist successfully. Wouldn't
> an internal property plist file do nicely for just this sort of thing?

Yes it would. You're quite correct in that you can edit the plist file
while an app is running. But this is like editing a preferences file
while an app is running. As Jacque pointed out, the "app" itself is a
separate object in the package. Runrev could easily allow changes to
be saved in a plist file or something else in the package and so allow
the functionality you're after. But this wouldn't be cross-platform
and might run into permissions problems, depending on where the app
was stored. You can make this functionality yourself in any of the
several ways that have been described here, even to the point of using
plist files if you desire.

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