[OT] Rev + BBEdit

Robert Brenstein rjb at robelko.com
Mon Feb 16 13:21:07 EST 2009

On 16.02.09 at 09:21 -0800 Richard Gaskin apparently wrote:
>I've broken the list into two parts; the ones here at the top could 
>use more explanation to describe exactly what you're after - are 
>they documented in BBEDit?  If so I'll just look 'em up there:
>- Diff
>- Plugin facility so we can integrate Git
>- folding conditionals
>- refactoring support
>- cTags
>- conditional balancing

You may want to fetch TextWrangler, a free sibbling of BBEdit, from 
BareBones website. Most of those things are there, so you can just 
try them out.


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