AW: Problems deleting folders on Vista - error #?

Jim Bufalini jim at
Sun Feb 15 16:17:30 EST 2009

Dear Jacqueline,

> In my case, we want the folders to be created in the user's Documents
> folder because they contain data files that the user may want to open
> later. The app creates an enclosing folder and various sub-folders for
> related content. In one or two cases, the enclosing folder failed to
> create, though later sub-folders did get created (and in Documents,
> too,
> which is odd because I wouldn't think the paths would resolve
> correctly.)
> I can't repeat it and most users don't have a problem, but when Timeo
> mentioned he couldn't always delete folders from Documents, it sounded
> like a similar issue. But this may be something that has to remain a
> mystery for now.

Now that I understand it is inconsistent within the same machine then I
think Tiemo may have hit upon the answer to his own question. I'll explain
in response to his latest posts.

Jim Bufalini

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