Arrays and Custom Props

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Feb 14 18:42:43 EST 2009

Mark Swindell wrote:

> On Feb 14, 2009, at 1:18 PM, Robert Sneidar wrote: 
>> I thought after I sent the email, is there a runtime engine for rev  
>> that would allow stacks to run as documents?
> Yes, Revolution Player:
> or Ken Ray's Stackrunner

...or any Rev standalone.

I use stackfiles almost exclusively for my applications' file format. 
With the ability to store custom properties and any native controls 
(images are esp. useful), there's no almost limit to what I can store in 
them, and parsing what I need out of it lets me use native syntax for 
rapid, robust access.  I can store any mix of textual and binary data, 
and parse it far more efficiently than if I'd used some custom format.

Extra bonus points that you get the automatic temporary backup file 
("~*") to restore from in the event of an interrupted save operation.

If you have the RevCon '08 DVD set, my session there focuses on the 
benefits of using stack files for documents and preferences, with 
techniques to managing them conveniently.

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