Title gets corrupted when opening a substack

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Fri Feb 13 13:50:05 EST 2009

Hi Tiemo,

> Hello,
> I have a really wired phenomenon at one of my beta testers, Win XP.
> Opening my mainstack, it has his title icon and title text, just  
> normal.
> When opening a substack (with toplevel) the title of the mainstack  
> gets
> completely corrupted. The title of the maintack shows only special  
> chars, as
> if it wouldn't find the font or language anymore.
> In the stack properties\text of all of my stacks I have choosen no  
> font, the
> property is empty. Which font is choosen? Standard Rev font? Is it a  
> godd
> idea, not to choose a special font? But nevertheless, what font I have
> choosen,  why does it only happens after opening a substack and why  
> does it
> only happens at one of ten PCs?
> Has anybody seen this behaviour or has any idea, what is going on  
> there?
> Any hint appreciated

Is there any (QuickTime) player in the substack with the corrupted  
If yes, then this is a known bug, at least it is in Bugzilla, as far  
as I know.

We have the same behaviour here on XP and Windows Server 2008
(or whatever this thing is called).

If there is no player envolved, no idea...

> Tiemo



Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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