Stack mode vs style

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Thu Feb 12 22:14:21 EST 2009

Hi All,

I am a bit confused about a stack's mode versus it's style. The 2
seems to do the same things but be able to be set independently and it
is possible to have them set to conflicting settings.

e.g. I have a stack where I set it's STYLE to palette. Needing to make
it editable again, I used the contextual menu to set it's MODE to
This worked, but it's STYLE is still set to palette.
Checking it's mode directly, it is 1 which according to the docs means:
"The stack is open and displayed in an editable window. A stack has
this mode if its style is "topLevel" or if it was opened with the
topLevel command."

So my question is: which command should I use to set the mode/style of a stack?
Neither of the docs entries mentions that it is deprecated or included
for compatibility.
Setting the style is vastly easier than trying to remember which
number means which mode, but it appears that the Rev IDE uses MODE and
not STYLE which makes me wonder if STYLE is preferred.

Any ideas?


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