any way to detect condition "connected to ISP but not internet"?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Feb 11 17:21:32 EST 2009

Josh Mellicker wrote:
> We were just thinking more on this, and it seems that there are some 
> corporate networks that allow http:// but not other protocols?
> In other words, people can surf websites but not download?
> If this is true, rather than using "ping" in the process, we are 
> thinking it might be better to issue an FTP command to test 
> downloading of a small test file. If this fails, we would know that 
> Revolution downloading will not work.
> Again, if we can solve this, it means a huge breakthrough for 
> Revolution- being able to auto-update, for example, without the risk 
> of hanging.
As Andre said, ping acts differently on each system - to the extent that 
my system (Windows Vista Home Premium) gives an error ("Bad option -c") 
for your originally suggested command.

You will probably encounter a similar probelm of ftp not being 
available, or allowing different options, or allowing/not allowing the 
definition of username/password in the command line, or ....  with this 

I'd get around that by creating a simple, tiny Rev-based standalone that 
does the ftp download of the test file and monitoring its progress in 
the other process; then it sounds like a rock-solid idea.

-- Alex.

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