Addressing Hardware - particularly usb port

Phil Davis revdev at
Wed Feb 11 13:01:51 EST 2009

Hi Peter,

What platform are you running?

Also, is your meter is a USB Communications Class device? In other 
words, does it have a defined command set (like a modem)? If so, you'll 
need a driver of some sort; or as others have said, the simplest 
approach would probably be to use a USB-to-Serial converter between the 
computer and the device.

Here's an article that might help some. It is based on info from Sarah 
Reichelt, who uses USB+Rev all the time:

Best -
Phil Davis

Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> Is it possible in Rev to address a usb device directly?  I've no experience 
> of this sort of thing, but have a USB meter which I need to talk to.  
> If not, does anyone know if its possible from the shell?  Or is this a case 
> of, do it in C or forget it?
> Peter

Phil Davis

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