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René Micout rmicout at
Wed Feb 11 05:10:16 EST 2009

Bonjour Thierry,
Thank you, I have red that but it is not my problem...
They talk about QuickTime Player sounds... And I talk about QuickTime  
Synthesizer sounds...
And my problem is about "duration" : sequences, overlap, etc.
I think days after days... Rev can not give me a satisfactory answer  
(in french : j'en viens à douter quant à la capacité de Revolution à  
donner une réponse satisfaisante à mon problème)
Revolution have not a musical orientation...
It is damage (?) because (for Macintosh) there are functions (in  
particular through the QuickTime synthesizer) should not be too  
difficult (not for me !!!) to call it by some appropriate commands.  
This is apparently not a priority for the development team. Version 4  
does not seem to be interested in it, version 5 may be ?
René from Paris

Le 11 févr. 09 à 10:43, Thierry a écrit :

> Bonjour René,
> May be you could shime the thread about "playing multi-sounds",
> end of january on this list....
> Judy, Scott and others gave some good advices ( and pitfalls )
> about sounds and Rev...
> HTH,
> Thierry
>> Hello !
>> Actually my problem is making music with Rev (hi Beat !) on  
>> QuickTime Synthesizer via PlayCommand Agent X (Shakobox : hi !  
>> Jacqueline).
>> I have two solution to "do" duration (schematically):
>> 1. First solution :
>> A. Start sound
>> B. Wait x millisec
>> C. Stop sound
>> 2. Second solution :
>> A. Start sound
>> B. Send "Stop sound" in x millisec
>> With the first solution the sequences (and duration of and between  
>> sounds) of sounds work very well but if I have a second sequence  
>> the sound of this second sequence stop (and wait...) with the  
>> "wait" command of the first sequence.
>> With the second solution the independance of sequences is right  
>> (no waiting...) but the sequence is not right because sounds  
>> overlap and do not really follow...
>> Someone have a third solution to satisfy both requirements ?
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