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Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Tue Feb 10 14:54:01 EST 2009

Hi Weslyn,
I'm not sure I completely understand your questions.  But before you
conclude that you need a SQL database of any kind, if speed is really your
concern you are better to consider in-memory data structures.  I believe you
will find that data structures such as Revolution arrays (also known as
dictionaries) will be as much as 100x faster in searching for information.
The best thing to do to test the feasibility of your idea is to work out how
many users you want to accommodate and then populate Rev arrays and do some
searches to check that you get the results you want back and in a reasonable
time period.  Then do the same thing with e.g. MySQL and check that it is
fast enough.

As far as I know Valentina is not a networked database server, unless you
buy a specific server version of Valentina.  That means with the Valentina
ADK you would have to house the database on the same server where Rev is

There are people on this list who know Valentina well.  Perhaps if you can
elaborate on what you are asking, they will answer your questions to say
whether or not an in-process or networked version of Valentina would do what
you want.


On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 10:05 PM, weslyn whitehead <docwes1 at> wrote:

> I'm creating a application (game system)  that will work in a virtual world
> and interact with the system there. As players use the system, it will post
> data to a inworld server which i will use to make httprequest outside the
> world into my rev server.  Once there I am hopeing to put the information
> into a DB and return information back to the inworld server.  My question
> is
> im sure i can do this no problem with MySql but i also own Valentina Rev
> and so, im wanting to use valentina but im not sure its the right solution.
> Only the Rev Server would be talking to the db. I guess im not sure how it
> would work as far as deployment.
> So on mysql i'd setup a mysql server set user accounts and lock access
> down.
> Then create my DB. Use app to talk to db.
> With Valentina is it setup the db connection in the Rev server app and then
> just reference a flat file not a server type deal? Also, any experience if
> this is the solution how fast/reliable would this be? (assuming this would
> all sit on a server)
> Thanks in advance hope i wasnt just ranting on.
> Docwes.
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