DunbarX at DunbarX at
Tue Feb 10 08:09:56 CST 2009

Thank you, all.

It was just that, as Mark said, you have to already have at least one bg to 
set the editbg property at all. I thought I would set it and then do some work. 
  Don't go "true" without it. 

Incidentally, the property is not saved if one closes the stack and then 
reopens it; it defaults to "false" (saving the stack makes no difference). So it 
is not, in my thinking, much of a property, more like a temporary tool.

This last disconcerted me; I could accept that I did not understand the 
limitation. I was upset that my idea of what a property was is now useless. Are 
most stack properties like that?

Newbies do a lot of whining.

I "have" Winkler, Kamins and DeVoto. And I have this list. I need Danny 

Craig Newman

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