Why doesn't this work now? (Copy & paste of a card with a background)

Arthur Rann arthur.rann at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 04:03:57 EST 2009

Hi Kay,
The problem is that the 6 month old copy represents 6 months of intense work
trying to get around other bugs in RunRev. There's a lot of stuff in our new
version that isn't in the old version, so I'm afraid that reverting to the
older version, or even doing a comparison between the two is waste of time.

The ONLY programs that have touched these files are RunRev 2.7 through
RunRev 3.0. We started, I think, with a trial version of 2.7.

Is there a utility for RunRev like SuperCard's SuperEdit?

Something I can use to extract the portions of a stack and add them to
another stack? That would be of serious help here.

I've also noticed that while the docs say that 'Clone This Card' will set
the current card to the new card, on the stack that has issues, this is
definitely not the case. After a Clone This Card command is issued, the
current card is the original card, and not the clone.
On a virgin stack, the current card is the clone.

What could be wrong?

What do you do when a stack gets corrupted? How do you save it?

Thank you,

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