How to do this basic thing?

Arthur Rann arthur.rann at
Sun Feb 8 09:16:10 EST 2009

Since the system I had built before is failing so spectacularly, I can only
assume I must be doing something wrong, So how would you (anyone?) suggest I
build this?

I need to have an intro screen. On that screen, i want a big list (initially
empty) on the side, and a button that say, "new".

When you click the 'new' button, it changes to a new screen, with a bunch of
things pre-populated on it, based on a template card. The list stays on the
screen though, on the left side, and now shows that there is one entry,
which links to this page. Then the user can fiddle around with things on
that page. Clicking the 'new' button next to the list creates a new screen,
again based on my template.

I was using a template card before, with the list in a group set to act as a
background, and using copy & paste for the template card to make the new

But this is no longer works, as the group that contains the master list gets
created new every time the copy & paste happens for the card containing it.
So on every page, it has only one entry. It used to list all of the cards,
but I guess I screwed it up somehow.

How should I build this?

Thank you,

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