ListMagic calculated columns

william humphrey shoreagent at
Sat Feb 7 07:10:27 EST 2009

A list magic suggestion:
Please don't add too many features. My favorite thing about listmagic is the
ease of use. There are other very promising add-ons to RunRev that I had so
much hope for but which I've been unable to use because I couldn't overcome
the initial learning curve necessary to get to use them. A good example is
Quartam Reports. It is a wonderful program/add-on which could solve, I'm
sure, many of the problems I'm having with the reporting features of my
database program but I was never able to figure out how to use it and ended
up hand coding all my reports directly in RunRev.

List Magic just works right out of the box and takes very little
understanding. Please be careful as you add features (which as the
programmer you will understand but you risk your user not being able to
figure out).

Maybe you make two versions? A feature bloated one and the original one only
with even cleaner and more bug free code?

Just a suggestion. I also didn't mean to pick on Quartam reports like that
(only as an example of what happens with complex programs). Valentina also
has a reporting function that I've never been able to figure out enough to
use productively. It might be because I am used to the old reporting
function "Nine to Five Reports" for hypercard which had the advantage over
our Quartam Reports and Valentina Reports of not having to work with SQL


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