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Josep jmyepes at
Fri Feb 6 16:53:18 EST 2009

Hi Jim,

I need something like this example:

Code	Description	Units	Price	Total
J001	Item A		2		12		24(*)

(*) Column Total will be calculated by col "Units" * "Price", and if the
user edit the values of Units or Price the column Total will be calculated.
Other thing is that control the column that the user are editing..

Reading the scripts I found:

on LMListEdited pWidget,pItem,pLineNo,pOldValue,pNewValue 
   DisplayPrompt "LMListEdited - item" && pItem && "of line" && pLineNo &&
"-" && pOldValue && ">" && pNewValue 
   -- sent when an item has been edited and changed in the list 
   -- pWidget is the long ID of the widget 
   -- pItem is the item number 
   -- pLineNo is the line number 
   -- pOldValue is previous value 
   -- pNewValue is new vlaue 
   -- write your code here: 
end LMListEdited 

Any that I put inside of this script, thinking that this is correct handler
not work.
If I use "rawkeyup" message I can intercept the key pressed but nothing
more... sorry but I'm stoped here.

Hi Josep,

I assume you are saying you have handlers you have added into the card
script that are not working?

Can you show a sample of the code that is not working?


Jim Bufalini

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