OT: Need a little help with package maker

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Fri Feb 6 04:08:19 EST 2009


creating my first package ever on a Mac, using PackageMaker I stick at two
issues, probably a lack of Mac-knowledge.

I tested to package one app bundle and one readme.txt file. As Destination I
entered for both: /Applications/MyName

Building the package succeeds without warnings or errors. Running the
package, it runs through all steps, saying "copying, etc." and finishes with
"installation successful"

BUT, in the destination dir there is only my readme.txt, no app. Searching
my HD for my app, it doesn't appear anywhere. What and where to did the
packageMaker install?

What am I missing here?

Second is, I would like to launch an app foo after installation, which
resides in the same folder / CD as my package. PackageMaker offers me to
assign a script for postinstall, but coming from Win I don't know, how to
write a script on a Mac, which calls my app. I tried to assign directly my
app, but PackageMaker just ignores it, obviously it has to be a script.

I know, that these are actually no topics for a rev forum, but perhaps it is
so easy for some of you, that you could just give me a quick coaching these
to issues. Thank you for any help!





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