ListMagic calculated columns

Josep jmyepes at
Thu Feb 5 19:30:56 EST 2009


I use ListMagic and I need to control the modify of some column values to
calculate other columns, the typically calculated column.

I found this reading the documentation but I can't obtain any result... :(

Any idea of what is the better way to do it?

on LMListEdited pWidget,pItem,pLineNo,pOldValue,pNewValue
   DisplayPrompt "LMListEdited - item" && pItem && "of line" && pLineNo &&
"-" && pOldValue && ">" && pNewValue
   -- sent when an item has been edited and changed in the list
   -- pWidget is the long ID of the widget
   -- pItem is the item number
   -- pLineNo is the line number
   -- pOldValue is previous value
   -- pNewValue is new vlaue
   -- write your code here:
end LMListEdited

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