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Thu Feb 5 17:37:17 EST 2009

On 2/5/09 4:25 PM, "David Bovill" <david at> wrote:

> I'm thinking of writing something that would change the Desktop image - the
> need at the moment is to do it just on Windows XP machines. Just looking
> into how hard this would be to do - has anyone done this - can't see an
> entry in the list - is the only thing needed to change the Windows Registry?
> Never messed with that before :)

Yes, you need to modify the Registry. You can find the registry entry at:

  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\Wallpaper

on WinXP Pro... not sure about Vista, but should be the same. Note that if
the user has tiling turned on it will apply to the new image as well, but if
you open the registry (go to Start -> Run -> type "regedit" and hit Enter)
and expand "HKEY_CURRENT_USER", then expand "Control Panel" and then click
on the "Desktop" folder, you'll see al lot of settings to the right that you
can modify if necessary.


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